Iftach Jacob - Former Sergeant of Operations for the IDF

Iftach Jacob

A former sergeant of operations for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Iftach Jacob spent three years with the military. During his time as sergeant of operations, he commanded the base’s security headquarters and had five soldiers under his direct command and 13 others indirectly under his command. Iftach Jacob restructured, added, and wrote the base’s manual operation security and implemented a new surveillance system within the security formation.

Dedicated to helping the community, Iftach Jacob supports several philanthropic endeavors. Organizations and initiatives he supports include the Heart and Stroke Foundation and its Ontario chapter, the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, and the Run with Israel, sponsored by the UJA-Federation.

In addition to his philanthropy, Iftach Jacob enjoys playing and watching sport, particularly soccer and the La Liga, the Premier League and France’s national soccer team. He also enjoys following current soccer stars Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba, as well as former players and current managers Pep Guardiola, Diego Simeone and Antonio Conte. An active individual, he enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, Tennis, swimming, running and participating in CrossFit training.